In How to compare Oracle Financial Management (HFM) metadata – Part 1 I discussed how metadata could be compared using a script to sort the members sections of HFM metadata APP fles and then compare the files using file comparison software. In this post I show how another script can be used to show changes in the currencies and members sections of metadata. I would recommend the approach in part 1 because it shows hierarchy changes but some people requested this script from my old website because it is quicker to use.


The operation of the script is shown by the following very simple example. The original metadata is shown below

101000;LIABILITY;N;Y;N;;FCA;;;ALL;0;N;Y;Y;Y;Y;;HIST_CA#CAPITAL;CAPI_CAP;;;;Y;;;DefaultParent=10100T;English=Subscribed capital

In the revised metadata account 10100T has been delete, account 104000 has been added and account 101000 has been changed

101000;ASSET;N;Y;N;;FCA;;;ALL;0;N;Y;Y;Y;Y;;HIST_CA#CAPITAL;CAPI_CAP;;;;Y;;;DefaultParent=10100T;English=Subscribed capital
104000;LIABILITY;N;Y;N;;FCA;;;ALL;0;N;Y;Y;Y;Y;;HIST_CA#CAPITAL;CAPI_CAP;;;;Y;;;DefaultParent=10100T;English=Share issue premium account

The following changes report is produced. It is easier to read if you cut and paste into Excel.

Action Section Member Attribute Original Revised
Changed MEMBERS=Account 101000 AccountType ASSET LIABILITY
Deleted MEMBERS=Account 10100T
Inserted MEMBERS=Account 104000


The procedure to identify changes is:

  1. Extract metadata in APP format from the application to be updated.
  2. Paste this into the Orginal metadata text box
  3. Extract metadata in APP format from the application containing the changes.
  4. Paste this into the Revised metadata text box
  5. Click the Compare Metadata button
  6. Click inside the Changes report  box, press Ctrl+A to select all and Ctrl+C to copy and paste into Excel

The script can be found here Compare HFM metadata

How to compare Oracle Financial Management (HFM) metadata – Part 2