We have been working in the EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) space for a long time and have been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of organisations. The following list should give you an idea of the breadth of our experience.

Mining Top global mining company. Construction Leading international cement company; multinational plasterboard and building material group. Manufacturing Major Swedish packaging company; major international manufacturing group; top international energy equipment group; British scientific instrument manufacturer; several engineering groups. Transportation Air traffic control provider; American truck rental and leasing group; British vehicle sales and leasing group; two top car rental companies; a major international airline. Communications Global cable television company. Pharmaceuticals two global drug companies. Financial Services Three major UK retail banks; London-based merchant bank; international money broker; top international asset leasing company; top UK insurer. Services London advertising agency; Australian distribution company; British distribution company; several outsourcing groups. Charities International aid charity; British disability charity. Energy Gas exploration and supply company. Retail Major British fashion group. Other Church; Commodity traders; Major food processing company.

FTSE100 Global pharmaceutical company

We developed a new cash flow directly derived from balance sheet movements and had very few calculations. This differs from the more common calculated approach. The movements design is superior as it is simpler to configure and provides drill down from group cash flow totals to accounts and entities. A new CEO wanted more income statement analysis which required an additional dimension. As a quick fix we added this analysis to an existing dimension and populated it by rules based on user defined tags in other dimensions.

We then designed and developed an entirely new application with five custom dimensions. The extra dimension was used for the new income statement analysis and automated journal roll forward. The new application also adopted modern HFM principles such as all balance sheet accounts having movements and balances. We created an Excel and Access models to migrated data from the existing to new HFM system.

FTSE100 Insurance company

We were involved in the full project life cycle from project initiation to successful go-live. We built an HFM IFRS consolidation system to allow the company to operate as an independent group. We developed the entire HFM application including metadata, rules and data forms and finalised the Financial Reports. We performed all FDM configuration and created scripts to import and validate data from Oracle ERP and Excel workbooks. The main challenge was that the company had never prepared consolidated accounts before and the disclosure requirements frequently changed.

FTSE 250 Global information security company

After rapid growth, the group needed to replace their existing Excel-based consolidation to allow greater control and analysis. Working for a big consultancy, our consultant was responsible for the architecture and development of a monthly reporting HFM application. The new application adopted all modern HFM design principles. These include all accounts having movements and a movement driven cashflow. The initial build was completed in less than two months and the system went live after six months. Our consultant also designed Excel data migration processes from existing spreadsheet and ERP systems.

Global shipping company

To prepare for a possible exit by their private equity owner, the group needed to replace their existing Excel-based consolidation. Sub contracting for a big consultancy, we were involved in the full project lifecycle from design to successful go-live. We developed a statutory and management HFM application. The application had complex process management, income statement analysis and a very complex cash flow. The application dimensions (metadata) were developed using EPMA and all the calculations (rules) used Calculation Manager. Data migration from Excel was challenging and we created a VBA-driven Excel workbook to automate the process. We assisted with project management and training.